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about US.

Duck Thunder is an award winning, independently owned London based creative studio. 

We specialise in coming up with creative ideas and bringing them to life- in whatever form they may take. We believe in idea first storytelling, combining a bold style and innovative concepts to deliver content that’s always on message.

Whatever your project needs we can whip it up. From making bespoke animations, shooting live action footage to using existing content (or even all three at the same time) we have it covered.

Our mission is to make exciting and original work that grabs your attention. With over 20 years of experience in creating material for major broadcasters (and anyone else who really likes videos/pictures/noises) we believe we can raise your project to the next level. 

We have lots of ideas, we have lots of ideas waiting for you and we will make all of these ideas- just drop us a quack.


talk to duck.

38 Turner Street, London, E1 2AS



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